Pain Free Living

Simple self-help pain relief is here

Fed up with discomfort, stiffness or pain?

Learn simple do anywhere, anytime techniques to get immediate and long term relief.

All you need is a wall and 5-10 minutes of your time to immediately feel relaxed, lighter and so much better than before.

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Fay loves the simple exercises & the relief from pain

Fay loves the relief from pain after doing these simple exercises.

Hi Lissa
I wanted to tell you what great results I have been enjoying after watching your Pain Free Living series of videos.  I find them clear and easy to follow.  They actually make me feel excited and more optimistic about managing my physical problems.
What I have noticed is that if I roll each foot twice only I have immediate relief as high as my shoulders.  It always reduces pain right up my spine and I feel more supple and balanced afterwards.
When my pelvis was feeling bad I took my roller and just rested on it over my dimples standing against the wall.  Two minutes later I collapsed into bed to enjoy an unusually pain free night.  AMAZING!
Thank you for putting me in charge of myself.
Fay B, 75 years



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Training videos
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Posture Bliss,
A series or selection of individual videos showing you simple exercises to do any where, any time to enjoy an active, pain free life as you age. All you need is a tennis ball, foam noodle and wall, seat or floor to get started practicing 1-2 minute activities to relax your body completely'